Gabriela  Shijaa ´Estrana listens to the calls and impulses of her soul and she also actualises them. She is walking her own path and communicating directly with the spiritual world and the world of the nature.  The great mysteries reveal themselves to her, step by step, and she brings them into her products. Each product is unique, because it has the ability to connect with the soul of the person for whom it was made for specifically, and thus it results in a personalized product. Life is changeable, energies also transform, but all these products have at their core current information, that is in consonance with the present needs of the individual human person.

It is a precious gift to be in tune with the soul of an individual person , whilst simultaneously having the ability to draw various energies into a tangible medium. This is a divine art, alchemy, the mystery of the spirit. Gabriela, you had the courage to fully use your own abilities, your mission – for the people.

Ferania is the source of the creation, which comes from my inner-self. When I create, I am in direct contact with the world of the Nature and the Universe.

I welcome you to the world of the alchemy of pure energies, which bring vivid essences and Ferania products.