How does a personalised essence work?

A personalized essence is an aromatherapeutic aid for attaining our higher goal and self-development. It helps us grow in our journey, removes blocks and traumas in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. The custom-made personalized essence is a matter of our soul, which knows exactly,  what we really need in a given situation. Each personalized essence is unique, made and mixed for each individual person with whom it resonates in vibrating and energetic effects.

Custom-made, personalized essences consist of elements, which are mixed in a way that the owner will find the scent pleasing, and they are made specifically for the individual. They are meant to be applied above the head or sprayed into a space and the person enters into this space, letting the essence work its magic. The ritual with the essence varies for each person and the application of the essence is a very personal matter.

The formula for each of the essences is different, I use various ingredients depending on the wishes and needs of each individual. Every essence comes with a mission, which should help the recipient work on that which they need to improve or reinforce, or to discern which spiritual being they should communicate with.

There is a certain amount of time needed to produce the essence, in addition to the right energies and attitude, but usually the essence is available up to 2 weeks from the accepting of the order. Since the essence is a live energy, it may happen that it could become more intense or change colour.

The reason why this happens is related to the vibrations and energies, which are constantly in motion. It is not recommended that the personal essence is used by other family members, friends or others. In that case it is more suitable to purchase the so-called universal essence.

I hope that I managed to explained the point and importance of personalized essences Ferania, which are, especially in this transformative period of time, becoming increasingly important in their use in ordinary practical life. Let yourself enjoy unique aromatherapy in the form of a delicious fragrance prepared and mixed just only for you.